Thursday, January 27, 2011

Malaysian Blogger and Google Getting Sued By Restaurant Owner

Posted on/at 11:56:00 PM by SBdude

Poh Huai Bin aka Sixthseal sued by an Indian restaurant owner ?

I'm sure the news of a famous food and travel blogger, Poh Huai Bin who blogs at and Google are getting sued by Jothy's Fish Head Curry restaurant director (fuiyoh!) Tharumaraj Sivaperumal for RM6million as a result of the blogger's remarks on the food and restaurant  in May 2010 which so happen is highly recommended in Lonely Planet !!

Its uncertain what will happen to Huai Bin and Google next but all I know we are free to express our opinion but perhaps his was a tad bit on the harsh side.I think the amount of RM6million is kinda absurd too !! What say you ?

Read more about the news here @

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