Friday, January 28, 2011

Deborah Henry Crowned Miss Universe Malaysia 2011

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Deborah Henry is Miss Universe Malaysia

Huh ? I thought Deborah Henry was the previous Miss Malaysia winner ? How come now ? Well, according to the rules, it does not state former winner of other beauty pageants are dissallowed join the Miss Universe pageant. I was kinda shocked as there were not much mentions about this. Fact is, Deborah Henry had just been crowned Miss Universe Malaysia 2011.

According to Andrea Fonseka who is the national director of Miss Universe Malaysia (MUMO), she had to choose someone who had experience and beauty without going through new selections as there were shortage of time. Therefore, it boils down to a handful of beauties selected and were voted on Facebook combined with view of panel judges.

Among the names in the list were Gail James, Cassandra Patrick, Kelly Jagan, Patricia Sue-Lin Kundsen, Stefanie Chua. Deborah Priya Henry will represent Malaysia in the prestigious Miss Universe 2011 event in Sao Paolo, Brazil in September.

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