Thursday, January 27, 2011

Allan Tan & Doreen Loo - The Dog Abuser Must Be Jailed !

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Doreen Loo and Allan Tan - The Dog Abuser, Wanted Dead or Alive !

It is sad to hear such news of abusing an innocent been displaying all over newspaper and online mediums these few days. So no thanks to the culprits, Allan Tan and Doreen Loo for capturing the scene on video. Torturing a cute and innocent poodle is a big no no !!

For those who are unaware on what is happening, here's an except from The Star,

A Malaysian posted the clip on Facebook had claimed it was on a pen drive she found at Suria KLCC. She said she then uploaded the video onto her profile page.
Some stills showing how Allan Tan abusing the dog poodle

The 15-minute-long-clip (, which featured the man (Allan Tan) yelling at the canine in an attempt to make it stand on its hind quarters, has since gone viral after it was posted on social networking site Facebook on Friday. (I believed Doreen Loo was the one who filmed it)

The video showed a man grabbing the puppy roughly, hitting it repeatedly on its body and shaking it vigorously. The dog, which appeared to be a poodle, was tossed to the ground and was flung across the room after it was smacked.
Poor poodle, must have been terrified by the torture =(

Apparently the guy(Allan Tan) lives in Setapak, KL currently and driving a Wira with its registration number - NBC 8313. Someone please find him and Doreen Loo and put them behind bars to give this dog a fair treatment.

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Anonymous said...

How I would ADORE torturing those wastes of oxygen until they wished for death.

Someone find them.

Oh please find them...

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