Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pomelo Girls - Latest Attraction in Ipoh ?

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Pomelo stall assistant, Lee Pik Wen, holding one of the cash cow fruit.

Okay, I know the title sounded abit cheeky but hey, thanks to the "Pomelo girls", they had managed to attract local and outstation visitors to buy their pomelos (no pun intended) and caused a sudden rise in sales ! One of the stall's assistant, Lee Pik Wen,18 is a fine example manning a stall beside the famous Sam Poh Tong temple.

Ok, the above statement is one of my wildest imagination, thats not totally true anyway. In view of the upcoming 2011 Chinese New Year celebration, pomelo is one of must have, compulsory fruit in a family for own consumption or prayers. It is known to bring wealth and fortune all year round to the family members.

This I think is pretty self explanatory why sales of pomelo had doubled up in the past few weeks in Ipoh and not any hot chicks manning the stalls. But of course, if you are still interested in the pomelo girl, read further on this article @

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