Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nike Football Write The Future Roadshow And Chilis At Midvalley

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Nike Football Write The Future roadshow at Midvalley

Was in Midvalley to have my dinner at Chilis. While was walking towards the restaurant, I was very excited !! Guess what I saw ? Nike Football was doing the "Write The Future" roadshow in the concourse !! Suddenly, I had become a kiddo wandering around looking at the "toys".

Cant see ? Take a step back and you get the idea right ? Write The Future !!

*Warning* Tons of pictures to share with you readers, hopefully you don't mind the picture quality as it was taken by SE C903 without any photoshop-ing done.

The Nike Football "Write the Future" campaign was held in the Midvalley Concourse area.

Brazil jersey was put under the "spotlight" showcasing the technology applied to it

Holland's Home jersey..WEE !!

Portugal Home Jersey for 2010 Fifa World Cup

The mega sized Nike Football boots

Took part in a Q&A session, got myself a goodies bag with the latest World Cup catalogue by Nike

For those who are unaware of the latest offering by Nike, they are showcasing their latest product line of jersey incorporated with materials made from recycled plastic bottle. Yeah, you read it right Recycled Plastic Bottle !

They’re touting it as the most environmentally friendly soccer uniforms ever to grace the pitch. Each shirt will consist of 100% recycled polyester and approximately 8 plastic bottles. Cool huh !!

Lamb Shoulder for dinner at Chilis Midvalley.YUMMY !!

If given a chance, I dont mind standing there the whole day to drool at the jersey. Seriously. Ended the day with a wholesome dinner at MidVally Chilis. Nice !!

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ohmywtf said...

wow..i waanna get the recycled jersey!

SBdude said... too !! it cost 259rm per jersey..wootz

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