Monday, May 31, 2010

Limited Edition McDonald's World Cup 2010 Coca-Cola Contour Glass !!

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Exclusive McDonald's FIFA World Cup Coca-Cola Glasses

Remember the McDonald's Contour Glass that had everyone go crazy due to its rarity ? Yeaps, if you had missed the opportunity to make a collection, here's your golden chance !! Get a FREE Coca-Cola Glass with every purchase of Coke Contour Glass Meal exclusively in McDonald's Malaysia.

Free Coca-Cola World Cup Limited Edition Glass with every Large McValue Meal and Sundae

The FiFa World Cup comes once every 4 year, but these exclusive 2010 FiFa World Cup Coke Glasses come only once in a lifetime and they are FREE when you purchase your favourite Large McValue Meal along with a Sundae.
Current Contour Glass Design -HEADER started on 27th May 2010

Specially created to commemorate the biggest sporting event of the year, these limited edition McDonald's Coca Cola contour glasses comes in 6 exciting football moves.

6 Designs to Collect with new designs comes out every Thursday !!

They are only available while stocks last. So hurry to your nearest McDonald's outlet - The Official FiFa World Cup restaurant to collect all 6 designs before they are gone !!

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Ken Wooi said...

cool but i dont think i'll collect.. eating too much mcd is not good =P

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