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Nike Football Write the Future Video Hits Youtube Record !!

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Nike Football Write the Future featuring Rooney, Ronaldo and Drogba

I'm a self proclaimed Nike freak so as long as there's a Swoosh sign or their ever popular tagline "Just Do It". Last week, Nike Football released their latest campaign video for the upcoming  FiFa 2010 World Cup starring soccer superstars Didier Drogba, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo Preparing to Take A Free Kick !

Nike's three-minute video "Write the Future" epic set a new record for most views of a viral video ad in its debut week, according to web video analytics company Visible Measures.

Tiger Woods in Nike video Earl and Tiger

It even beat the previous record holder, another Nike ad called "Earl and Tiger" featuring golfer Tiger Woods after his heavily publicized return to the sport.

"Earl and Tiger" reached 6.3 million views in its first week and "Write the Future" achieved 7.8 million. The fact that "Write the Future" beat "Earl and Tiger" is even more impressive considering the fact that the latter hit the web amidst the Tiger Woods scandal. The current count for this new video on YouTube is 10.1 million.

Nike Football, Write the Future. Is Rooney going down?

I've lost count on how many times watching the video. Seriously I'm addicted to it !! My favourite part is of course the Rooney's role. Damn funny I tell ya. The video's also features popular athletes from other sports such as Roger Federer and Kobe Bryant.

Here the viral ad of Nike Football Write the Future's video.

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