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MacBook Pro Refresh Out in April 13 2010

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Apple MacBook Pro Refresh Out in April 13 2010

Apple will finally update the MacBook Pro on April 13th, a source claims. While the person's identity is being kept secret, the source is described as "familiar with Apple product cycles and inventory levels."

Every MacBook Pro model is expected to receive new hardware, though exact specifications are have not been mentioned. The MacBook Air may also see a refresh, but this is not guaranteed; like the Pro, the Air was last upgraded in June 2009.

New MacBook Pro configurations have been anticipated for some time, to the extent that they could be considered overdue by Apple's usual schedule. The company may already have plenty to promote however, namely iPhone 4.0 and the iPad, the latter of which has yet to roll out internationally or in a 3G version.

The new MacBook Pros are widely predicted to switch to Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. They may also gain an extra hour of battery life in some cases, and options for 640GB hard disks or 256GB SSDs. A shortage of processors on Intel's end may be to blame for the refresh delay.

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