Monday, April 12, 2010

No Strings Attached

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No strings attached, the word that most of us love the most. Why, because its is so synonymous with no special demands or limits that you have to accept. This is best when it comes to choosing the most preferred Internet Service Provider(ISP).

Forget about using the ever slow and cumbersome land line Internet and 3G broadband as P1 Wimax comes to rescue by introducing their Holy Grail, The P1 Wimax WIGGY !!
P1 Wimax WIGGY

Not to be fooled by its cutesy name, this pocket dynamite and mobile workhorse is the latest innovation of P1 Wimax. It is an USB powered modem with an ultra sleek design guaranteed to make passerby envy and drool over it.

P1 Wimax WiGGY is a breakthrough Internet device that harnesses the power of P1 W1MAX in one compact package delivering speeds that completely redefines what users can do online.

P1 Wimax WiGGY is designed specifically to meet the needs of demanding next generation internet users who want reliable high-speed upload and download speeds that are able to cater for an emerging trend where people are uploading as much content as they are downloading.

For hassle free and blazing fast Internet connection, P1 Wimax is the only choice !!

With this no strings attached and ultra fast Internet speedy modem, I can watch Nuffnang's Project Alpha all day long..Watch out for the latest season k !! =)

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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