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Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair Nuffnang Bloggers Gathering + Malaysia Book of Records

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Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair Nuffnang Bloggers Gathering Entered Malaysia Book of Records

Yups, I was one of the 500 plus proud participants in the Malaysian Book of Records for "The Largest Bloggers Gathering" proudly sponsored by Gatsby and Nuffnang in Berjaya Times Square this morning !! 17th April 2010 was a historic date for me !!

Yups, I'm No.408 in The Largest Blogger Gathering !! 

Reached there exactly 10am and q-ed for close to an hour for registration. Important yo, cos if I don't register my RM50 will fly away !! So here is what they gave in the red goody bag which is of course reusable - a Red Gatsby Deodorant T shirt, a fan, and and a Gatsby wax brochure.

The event was officiated by Nuffnang's co founder, Timothy Tiah and with some sponsors big shots around 1130am.
Goody Bag !! minus the left items =) 

As being mentioned in the promo posts that most of you might have read earlier from here or elsewhere, the event was fun filled with lotsa booth games. And for every accomplishment, you will get a minimum of 2 Gatsby Points which entitled you to exchange gifts from the Gatsby redemption counter.

The best and the most exciting moment of the whole event was the LUCKY DRAW session. They were so generous to offer prizes such as Acer Netbook, Acer PDA phone, Garmin GPS and even BLACKBERRY phone to give away !! 

Gatsby Wax and Wipes RM120 with those and I've gave some to my friends 

Too bad, my name dint got called out but nonetheless I've enjoyed to the max from oogling at that particular promoter babe (the prize giver,who knows her name ?) playing the booth games and claimed my Gatsby products that worth more than RM120..Not bad for a half day's job. 

Get Paid to Play and Got Gifts to Bring Home. Love you Nuffnang and Gatsby !! And oh, did I mentioned this event will be broadcasted in TV9 ? Do check it out ! =)

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Sharinginfoz said...

very enjoyable event. hope to attend again in the future. so much fun, a lot of games and of course new friends....

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Merryn said...

cool eh? Nuffnang sure rocks! I was there too :D

SBdude said...

Sharinginfoz* yupz, a very enjoyable event indeed too bad dint win the coveted Blackberry !!

Merryn* yeah of course !! should had grab more coupons instead since dint win the lucky draw prizes..haha =)

take care peeps !!

Zida said...

the greatest best even ever! <3 so muchh

Unknown said...

Broadcast at TV9?? When??
What show?

SBdude said...

supiachao*not sure waiting for the updates too..keep in touch with each other for that k !!

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