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Daniel Wu Married Lisa S in South Africa,6th April Congrats

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Daniel Wu Married Lisa S in South Africa, Congrats !

I'm a big fan of Daniel Wu 吴彦祖 since he broke into the HK acting scene in Gen-X Cops and whats made me had deep impression of him was that he acted damn good in New Police Story playing the baddie. And now, after years of courtship, Daniel Wu Yin Jo 吴彦祖finally got to marry Lisa S in a beautiful forest in South Africa on April 6th 2010.

Beautiful wife of Daniel Wu, Lisa S -was girlfriend of 8 years !

What a place to choose eh ? Where normally top celebrities would rather choose a to hold their wedding in lavish places such a the beach side, or grand hotel ballroom. It was an unique place to pick for a wedding ceremony.

One of the reason was, Lisa S actually owns a property in South Africa. The wedding took place in a forest instead and it was hosted by the locals.

Daniel wore a black suit and Lisa S wore her white gown. Both looked very low profile, simple and gorgeous I tell ya !!
Congrats to the newly weds, Daniel Wu and Lisa S !! 

Anyways, congrats to the newly weds, Daniel Wu and Lisa S !! Hope to see both of you act in more movies in the coming years !!

All the photos were taken from Daniel Wu's microblogging site, ALIVE NOT DEAD @

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