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Digi iPhone 3GS 2010 Package Unveiled !! Very Affordable !!

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The New Digi iPhone 3GS Package

The moment everyone's been waiting for !! Yes,its the release of Apple iPhone latest packages from Digi. From as low as RM106 per month, you are entitled of this awesome iPhone with free call time, SMS and Internet access nickname the iDigi package.

And the best part of all, you do not need to change to a new number, in this case to a Digi number if you are using the services of other operator. How cool is that !!

Without further adieu, I will let the picture or price below to do the talking. Be prepared to drool over it yo !!
Digi iPhone packages of iDiGi 88, iDiGi 138, iDiGi 238

Each package comes with unlimited Internet access and even if you exceeded the data cap for any packages, there are no extra charges applied !! Damn awesome I tell you !!

Payment options for the Digi iPhone

I am very interested in the iPhone 3GS 16GB + iDigi 88 plan. Therefore, I had made a rough calculation on the payment. If I would to pay with EPP aka installment for 24 month it would set me back RM159 per month.

Yeaps, I'm so poor that I cant even buy the iPhone in one whole lump sum, therefore paying by EPP 24 is not a bad idea after all. Here's an easy calculation hopefully you wont get lost in the whole process.

RM159 ( EPP/month ) - RM88 ( iDiGi 88) = RM71 ( iPhone/month ) 

RM71 x 24 = RM1704 ( iPhone after 24 months)

RM1704 - RM1590 = RM114 (difference of a lump sum and EPP iPhone)

If you divide the RM114 by 24 months = RM4.75 per month extra !!

So what's the point of doing this calculation you will ask. Well, actually by paying an extra close to RM5 per month, you get to enjoy the awesome iPhone with the cool package without having to break the bank for one lump sum of it and then paying an extra RM88 per month for the service.

If paying extra is not your thing and you can compromise with your gadget's speed, then iPhone 3G will suit you more.

Collect your pre-ordered iPhone from DiGi now !!

All in all, DiGi had come out with an awesome and affordable iPhone package compared to Maxis. Well which telco provider will lead the iPhone war ? Maxis or DiGi ? Yet to be told but I'm sniffing that there will be a price war starting soon.

Well, I think I will post up on the comparison of iPhone package pricing between Digi and Maxis soon. Stay tune kay !!

In the meantime, do surf on for more info.

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Vince G said...

Cool, I'm interested:)

Ken Wooi said...

but iphone..every month need to pay.. i dont even use rm88 in a month.. i use wayyyy lesser than that =P

SBdude said...

VTG* yeah, Im kinda interested in it too..

kenwooi* well,i would say 88rm is cheaper compare to maxis' plan but then again you can always purchase the phone itself only =)

mystery said...

i'm an existing user of digi.
n i'm using sub-line under my dad. so can i change to the iDigi 88 plan?
If yes.. thats mean i just have to bring RM159 to get the Iphone back right? as in just sign the contract n so on but dont have to pay few months of monthly payment in advance like the maxis plan?
hope to hear from you soon..

Royal Butter said...

i'm interested.

but i have a question. can u clear this for me. for example i want to suscribe with the iDigi88 plan. so,how much exactly i need to pay? do i have to pay the RM1590 up front + RM159 per month for 36 months? or i just pay RM159 for 36 months without paying the up front sum?

hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said...

i just got it 2 weeks ago! Iphone 3GS 16gb oneshot payment with iDigi 88

That's even cheaper than the cutthroat ananda krishnan maxis..

Let Digi pawn Maxis!!

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