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Amber Chia's Mysterious Husband Identity Finally Exposed !

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Newly weds - Amber Chia and her husband, Adrian Wong

For those who are still in a state of shock or surprise to hear Amber Chia's marriage. Well, just a few days ago, Amber Chia had made a brief press conference to explain the whole secret marriage thingy. Apparently, the orange-haired guy in the photo is not an angmoh !! And he had a previous marriage too. Gossip..

SO, are you still curious to know who is Amber Chia's husband ? His name is Adrian Wong, her closest male friend, manager and business partner. Adrian is a business graduate from Melbourne University and spent 10 years living Down Under.

The shy guy is also formerly the founder and director of Absolute Entertainment, the event management company that was responsible for bringing in the Pussycat Dolls and Andy Lau to Malaysia. 

Adrian Wong dyed his hair orange to hide from the knowledge of the public just for this wedding.

His biggest surprise for her came five and a half months ago when he popped the question by just leaving a wedding ring on her bed after they secretly courted for one and a half years.

As both had always wanted a quiet wedding, the couple decided to get hitched secretly on the mystical island of Bali on March 25. He gave her a two-carat diamond ring, she gave him a Bulgari wedding band.

Another surprised or shocking news is perhaps Adrian Wong has 2 children from his previous marriage with his divorced wife. He admitted that he had married before and that he was seeing Amber Chia only after separating from his ex-wife.

The 36-year-old businessman, Adrian Wong is involved in property business in Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia, has two kids from his previous marriage.

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