Monday, March 29, 2010

Amber Chia Got Married, Secretly !!

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Amber Chia Got Married Secretly in Bali 2010 !!

Rumors of Amber Chia got married was true. The famous Malaysia top Supermodel has gotten married to her beau at Bali Island last Thursday by the beach in what was only invited to her close family and friends of the industry with the likes of TV host Daphne Iking, famous violinist Dennis Lau and catwalk guru, Benjamin Toong.

Congrats to the newly wed couple

Not much information was leaked out prior to this marriage as Amber Chia got married to her long time friend-turned-boyfriend, finally. Their top secret union was solemnised in Bali last Thursday and was a very romantic one.

Maybe the gown look something like this ?

Alvin Tay and Keith Kee is said to design Amber Chia's wedding gown which was in sweet angelic white and pink.

Amber Chia and Hubby in Breathtaking Bali Scenery

Her team of publicists from Orchan Consulting Asia, who also declined to comment, are expected to issue a press statement soon as she will fly off to an undisclosed destination for her honeymoon. Was Amber Chia pregnant ? Well, she had denied it but honestly said she would love to have a baby by 30.

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