Saturday, January 23, 2010

MSI GT740 - Mobile Gaming With Intel Core i7 Processor, l337 !!

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MSI GT740, a beast hidden behind these great aesthatics 

Taking gaming to another level is MSI's latest offering in the market, GT740 gaming notebook, featuring Intel's kickass Calpella platform of the latest quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and not to mention, Microsoft's latest OS, Windows 7 Home Premium in 64-bits.

The fun doesn't just end there as MSI is matching the main goodies with an astounding 1GB worth of Nvidia GeForce GTS 250M discrete graphics card. Not only that, as MSI's GT740 display is of a 17 inch wide screen cinema grade display and 5 Hi-fi speakers,7.1 channels with SRS Premium sound systems to keep the player happy during game time !!

Frontal look of the MSI GT740, simple yet fiery !!

Featuring an ultra thin aluminium alloy frame with brushed metal accecnts in red to give it a fiery look to complement its fiery gaming power. The notebook weighs in at a mere 3.2kg inclusive of battery, so gaming everywhere is not a big issue already. RAM size of 4GB DDR3 capable of running at 1333MHz clock speed comes standard with this baby.

What's the asking price for this uber cool gaming laptop ? Well, it is retailed at RM6,600. It's a lil steep on the pricing but I reckon the MSI GT740 gaming notebook is capable of selling faster than Dell's Alienware notebooks..FTW !!

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