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South Africa 2010 Fifa World Cup Accommodation Packages, Special Price !!

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South African 2010 Fifa World Cup, June 10 - July 12 Where To Stay ?

The Ultimate World Cup Host Country
The 2010 World Cup will not only be the largest sporting event in the world, but a showcase of the modern, rugged beauty of South Africa. Whether you want to be on hand to witness the opening of the 2010 World Cup or to cheer on your team as they advance through the tournament, we have World Cup packages available for all games throughout the tournament.

South Africa will be abuzz with action as football fans from all corners of the world converge to celebrate and witness this historic event. Early tournament matches offer a great opportunity to get to know the personalities of the individual cities and stadiums, and as the playoffs and finals approach, the excitement builds.

Premium accommodations at some of South Africa's top rated hotels including the award winning Grace in Rosebank, The Saxon in Sandton, Johannesburg and The Cape Grace in Cape Town.
Exclusive access to South Africa's top safari lodges, excursions to world class sites like Victoria Falls. Plus, a variety of day tours, private guide services and all ground logistics.

Roadtrips Hospitality Center In Johannesburg
The Roadtrips Hospitality Center in Johannesburg will be the perfect place to take a break from all the action and access our on-the-ground staff. Enjoy complimentary beverages and snacks while watching television broadcasts of the action. Meet fellow travelers, visitors, as well as Roadtrips hospitality at our Johannesburg Hospitality Center.

Click to customize your accomodation according to your favourite team in South Afrika 2010 World Cup.

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