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2010 Free Streamyx Speed Upgrade Extended Time Promo.

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2010 Free Streamyx Speed Upgrade

For those who are unaware, TMNet Streamyx is currently rewarding its users free Streamyx speed upgrade. Experience higher speed with TMNet Streamyx Super Upgrade Deals and you get to enjoy FREE upgrade to next speed for 4 months in 2010

From the 5th month onwards, you only pay an additional fee as low as RM5 per month on your current Streamyx subscription, Isn’t that super?

Super Upgrade Deal for Streamyx Combo Package Users

Super Upgrade Deal For Streamyx Standard Package Users.

Terms And Conditions..Must READ !!

1-Promotion is applicable for RESIDENTIAL customers and UPGRADE application only.
2-This promotion is only applicable for existing Streamyx customers who have served a minimum 1 year period including Broadband PC, Home, Hop and Away or Smart Savers customers who have exceeded their minimum contract period.
3-The minimum subscription period of 24 MONTHS will be applicable upon successful application to the higher speed.
4-Promotion is only applicable for customers subscribing to unlimited hours packages.
5-Upgrades are allowed within same package category (i.e. within Streamyx Standard packages , within Streamyx Combo, within Wifi@Home)
6-For Standard package, modem will be provided if customer upgrade from without modem package to 2Mbps or 4Mbps package.
7-Upgrading to 2 Mbps or 4 Mbps is subject to availability and technical testing.
8-Application for the speed upgrade to 512 kbps or 1 Mbps can be made via online, TMpoint or TM Authorised Reseller.
9-Application for the speed upgrade to 2 Mbps or 4 Mbps will be available at TMpoint or TM Authorised Reseller only.
10-If customer terminates Streamyx service within minimum subscription period of 24 months, an administrative fee of RM350 will be charged to customer’s bill.
11-Streamyx Terms And Conditions apply.

*The 2010 Streamyx Free Speed Upgrade promo will last till further date announce.

In the meantime click here,for the latest update.

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Unknown said...

Just upgraded from 1 mbps to 2 mbps for RM104/month for the next 2yrs and then RM88 from 3rd year onwards

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