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Registration and Rebranding of Miss Universe Malaysia 2010

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Miss Malaysia Universe 2010 - Rebranding, Changing Format

Rebranding will be the next thing to do when selecting the best and deserving beauty pageant Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 as stated by Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation (MUMO). They are seeking girls who are not only beautiful but street smart as well.

That all sums up to being hip, urban, real and relevant. The future Miss Universe Malaysia must be smart, fresh and down-to-earth, have leadership skills, a great sense of humour and the basic foundation of being a beauty queen. It's a tough job to find this gem but this is what a beauty pageant is all about right ?

Former Miss Universe Malaysia 2004, Miss Andrea Fonseka

Great news is that Former Miss Universe Malaysia 2004, Miss Andrea Fonseka and her team are coordinating with the organisation to unearth the beauty gem all over Malaysia.

As the director of this "show", Miss fonseka and her team had made changes from the traditional format. Here's a clue. Think of American Next Top Model-meet-The Amazing Race-meet-The Survivor-meet-American Idol. Yeah, I'm predicting there will be interesting cat-fights among the girls too..

As the Miss Universe Malaysia is still predominantly a beauty contest, the judging system will have to follow that of a beauty pageant. But we’re not just looking for beauty as beauty is only 50 percent of our selection criteria. The other 50 percent will have to come from intelligence, personality and talents,” Andrea says.

Hans Isaac will double up as judge and teacher in the beauty pageant contest.

Who will be crowned the next Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 ? Surely not me but might be YOU !!

Interested beauties for Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 are invited to can register and send in their applications from January 27 to March 23. There will also be casting calls in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

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