Sunday, January 31, 2010

MyEG Xtra Time by Marion Caunter and Nur Fazura..Sizzling HOT !!

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Nur Fazura and Marion Caunter co-hosts for MyEG Xtra Time

There's a reason for you to drool at chicks watch a sports channel on your Astro as Nur Fazura and Marion Caunter are spicing your Thursday nights by hosting ESPN Star Sports latest programme, MyEG Xtra Time.

Jamie Yeo and her new host, Henry Golding in Castrol Football Crazy

Hurm, a rip-off of Castrol Football Crazy that is currently hosted by Jamie Yeo and Henry Golding, you say ? Nah, not even close to that as the show has its own unique selling point.

MyEG Xtra Time, Exclusively on Star Sports,Channel 813

Glittering sports celebrities, the hottest gossip, and sizzling star profiles make the perfect recipe to serve up the spicy side of sports on ESPN STAR Sport’s newest sports entertainment.

MyEG XtraTime, hosted by Marion Caunter and Nur Fazura is on every Thursday night broadcast on Star Sports, Astro Channel 813.

MyEG Xtra Time, Ask Your Burning Question

On the segment, Your Burning Question, the hot hostesses will ask your burning question relating to sports, sporting events, celebrities or even scandals.

Post your burning question in the MyEG Burning Question reply box and if they find your question extremely interesting, they'll ask them on the air and who knows, you may just get something for your effort.
Yours truly, Nur Fazura and Marion Caunter

Tune in every Thursday at 10:30pm Malaysian time, and find out more. But in the meantime, start posting MyEG Xtra Time Your Burning Questions now !!!

Plus, you can now do your road tax renewal online at MyEG website

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