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The New 13-inch MacBook 2009 Review

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Latest 13-inch MacBook by Apple

Apple had just launched their latest MacBook or I should rephrased it as a bumped up MacBook with some changes to the build. Utilizing the unibody contruction of a MacBook Pro, it is very inevitable that Apple had focused it in all their latest MacBook line. Currently available on Apple Store.

To illustrate just how good the internals are on the MacBook, just compare them to the current base 13-inch MacBook Pro. Both have a 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo with a 3MB L2 cache, a 1066 MHz frontside bus and a 2GB DDR3 default RAM. They also have a really similar LED backlit display, which eliminates the problem of narrowed viewing angles that docked the first generation unibody MacBooks for, and both now have the same contrast ratio. The only difference is that the Pro has a 60% greater color gamut.

Yups, thinner MacBook with rounded edge. Looking cool huh ! It's an immediately more appealing shape than the previous generation of white MacBooks, marking the end of the transition of Apple laptops to unibody construction.

The best part, all latest MacBook with get the same glass Multi Touch trackpad that is built in the current MacBook Pro. In general the lastest is a more solid built and more "Pro" than ever before altough despite the material being used are polycarbonate instead of aluminium.

Here's the comparison chart that you have been waiting for. Worth or not worth getting one ? Let's do a comparison with some current and this year's model

 The Higher, The Better !

The Longer, The Better !
Final verdict ?  the latest MacBook does performs well if not better or on par with the current MacBook Pro.  Plus battery life is significantly longer due to the new body work and internal optimizations made by Apple which is said to last at least 4 hours 20 mins on full charge with WiFi turned on, keypad backlight on low setting and played  HD video contents continuously.

If you looking for a MacBook, look no further as the latest one has the same specs as the low-end MacBook Pro,while inheriting some awesome features from their "Pro" siblings. Price is RM3599 and only 13-inch model is sold currently. Snow Leopard OS X 10.6 comes bundled with it.
Craving for one already ? You can visit Apple Store (Malaysia) website or any Machines or Epicentre outlets near you !

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