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Simple Tips by Streamyx

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TMNet Streamyx, the Internet Service Provider you hate to love or love to hate. Whichever side you are in, it is by far still one of the very reliable broadband provider in the country. Do you ever got frustrated with Streamyx always getting disconnected ? or DSL lights blinking non-stop ? Well, save the hassle of calling TM by following a few simple tips. After all, they will too ask you to do same as below.

  1. Make sure your telephone (square head),LAN (rectangle head) and electric cables are in good condition. 
  2. Check the "head" on both sides of the telephone and LAN cable. If you see those copper chipping off, replace with a new one.
  3. Push those cables in their respective places - telephone cable (from the telephone slot to splitter and modem) - LAN cable (modem/router to PC/laptop) till you hear a loud "click" sound. Not too hard but once you hear the sound, it's sufficient enough.
  4. Check the splitter if its malfunction. Test it by connecting straight to the modem itself or connecting telephone cable to the splitter. If you still see blinking DSL lights in the latter step, its time to change the splitter.
  5. Make sure everything is properly configured from the modem/router to your PC. I assumed this step should not be a problem for anyone who has been connecting to Streamyx.
  6. Most important advise to follow - Always unplug telephone cables and electric appliances from the power source after every use or especially during thunderstorms. You wouldn't want your motherboard or modem to get fried !
  7. If your problem still cant be solved, its time to call TM at 100 from your land line telephone. Most likely is the cabling stuffs or temporary disruption around your area.

Hopefully with these solutions, you might be able to surf the internet better, provided by Streamyx

Yeah, I know some of you might disagree with me but take a look at the current proliferation of on-the-air wireless broadband like P1 Wimax and Digi Broadband. They are equally as great but very prone to disruption caused by radio waves and worst still performance tends to drop during rainy days

Still early days perhaps? Hopefully we will get to see more broadband battle, so we end-consumers can have more choices to choose from. And to all ISPs please improve your Internet physical infrastructures if you want to compete with other nations in terms of technology and Internet standards.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your luck, if your area is close to the base station of any ISP, then you will get the best surfing experience ever regardless of whether its by Streamyx or P1 Wimax.
Has been getting buffered ads from Streamyx but only during night time, hopefully Nuffnang or TM can broadcast their ads here in this blog 24/7 !
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