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Movie Review - Surrogates

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Surrogates featuring lead actor, Bruce Willis

Got to watch a movie after some hectic weeks,FINALLY..Yeah, I know its like kinda late for a movie review right ? Try not to write more as I guess most of you, movie goers had watched it already anyway. Starring Bruce Willis and Radha Mitchell, this is one hell of an action packed kick ass movie and some super high tech stuffs that make you drool !! To give you some clue, Surrogates is synonymous with Substitute.

So, what is it all about ? Try to imagine this - Put together these movies into an equation okay?

I-Robot + Terminator + Matrix + Wall- E + Barbie Doll ?? = Surrogates !!

Basically this movie is centered around Surrogates aka Substitutes that will sooner or later taking over human's life. To make those Surrogates work, there must be an operator (real human) to handle it. Yeah, its like a VR video game but you are using your own mind to control the machine from your room. Cool huh ?

The best stuff is you can choose the gender of your Surrogate and remodel it to your likings.Playing God perhaps? You can choose to be either Megan Fox or Gerard Butler or even President Obama. AWESOME right ?

In the movie, it is said that using Surrogates cut down crime rates and racism drastically. And of course with that convenience there must be some smart ass trying to destroy it. Yups, you guessed it right, the humans who are the Surrogate-Haters lead by a giant black african, The Prophet !!

Agent Greers (Bruce Willis) and Agent Peters (Radha Mitchell) were investigating on a weapon that killed 2 Surrogates mysteriously as this in turn killed their operators too. This plot thickens up till the extend of Bruce Willis almost got killed and he had decided not to use a Surrogate any more.

And of course, Surrogate is just too perfect to be destroyed and nothing else better to do, the creator himself is the culprit behind the weapon planned a mass destruction to wipe off all Surrogates that was once his proud creations. Yes, the hero saves the day for mankind. Thank you, Uncle Bruce.

There were some funny moments in the movie that I find it very humorous

  • Surrogates must be charged at a charging chamber. Reminisce of a mobile phone and iPod.FTW !
  • If you are pissed off at a person during conversation, can just go offline and yeah, Surrogate itself goes on standby mood. I think that's so damn COOL !
  • Surrogates bleed in green lubricants not even red in color nor battery water.
  • Surrogate's brain is a thick memory card.
  • "Humans Only" area for the Surrogate-Haters community which looked like a third world country. Reminisce of "District 9" too because of that tagline.
  • Surrogates goes for plastic surgery aka "changing rubber"of the face
  • Surrogates had this "shocking device" that make them highOMG !
Why did I mention Barbie Doll at the beginning ? Because those Surrogates really looked so darn perfect from their figure and feature. Even Bruce Willis looking so damn young and plasticky in the movie.
Next stop - Jennifer's Body on 29th October 2009I HEART MEGAN FOX 

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Kennee said...

I find it not bad... pretty good movie... I myself did a review on it too... ^^ Btw, nanged ya on innit and also ad clicked... ^^

SBdude said...

Thanks bro..yeah, the movie was awesome too bad its kinda short ei, 90mins or sumthing ?

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