Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My New Layout !!

Posted on/at 12:23:00 PM by SBdude

Yesh ! I've just modded my blogspot !! How hard can that be ei? It's so friggin HAAARRRDDD I tell ya. Spent more than a day playing around with those head-spinning HTML and CSS codes..OMG !! Truly an eye-straining experience. Eyes can really pop out anytime =/

Yupz, something like his =P

As you can see, the post (main) section has a white background instead of BLACK..Tee-hee !! I've made my main section wider saving my readers from reading "sandwiched" sentences..Say, a cleaner layout ?

Of course, there are works still pending on the layout that I'm still not satisfied with. So, this is the to-be-completed-list

  • Sidebar. Yeah, still abit messy right ? have to rearrange/delete/redo some widgets and of course to place the Nuffnang ads in their most prominent positions.
  • Centralized all images even though I have aligned them center before posting them up. Any clue to why this happens ? It only started to go wrong when I changed the Blogger style from Classic to Latest in the SETTINGS page. I've re-changed but to my avail the problem still arise in the main page after posting up.
  • But this problem doesn't appear in Internet Explorer. The thing is I'm a frequent user of Safari and Chrome ='( Codings again ? BORING..
Signing out for now. If you have any recommendations or T&T on how to go about my problems, I would gladly appreciate them. Thanks and HAVE A NICE DAY !!

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Ken Wooi said...

i thought then you update a picture, you can choose the alignment? =)

SBdude said...

yeap..i aligned it to the center but then it shows to left after every post..sad =(

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