Friday, October 23, 2009

Through My Window + = TM latest Campaign

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TM + Bunkface = Through My Window

At last, everything was revealed today, 23rd October at 8pm. After looking into the website again, it has actually got revamped and added more information. Orange colour background, a song that was quite Malaysian-ish and 1Malaysia. How could we ignore such minor details ? well, it was actually TM's latest campaign. Awesome way to promote yah ? Who are the singers or band of Through My Window ? It's Bunkface !! FTW.

As I had posted up in my post earlier, the message,"Open For Collaboration" on a package with a CD of Through My Window single was sent to major radio stations. It couldn't be an oversea artiste doing that and if yes, we could had known the identity of them from the Internet in the first place itself. It even got to an extend of asking Ryan Seacrest to recognize the artist. TM had done a great job in grabbing our attention in mass media and even on Twitter and Facebook !!.

But this was so different, being kept anonymous for the past 3 days and the same song was playing without revealing the identity of the band or artiste. This is what the website had written on their ABOUT US page.

WE'RE ABOUT COLLABORATIONS. We're about bringing people together. And rallying them behind an idea. And building on each other's strengths to ultimately make the idea bigger than we ever imagined. CONNECTIONS MAKE ANYTHING POSSIBLE.

TODAY IT'S ABOUT A SONG. TOMORROW IT CAN BE ANYTHING. Preparations for an exam. Relationships. An invention. A business presentation. A party. Anything you can imagine. CONNECTIONS MAKE ANYTHING POSSIBLE.

Pretty catchy huh ? Well apparently from the website, you can do a mash-up of the song Through My Window with your own songs in a specially created sound editor. Apart from that, you too can download the single itself in the form of MP3 and Ringtone. Well done, TM !

Here's the snippet of the TV commercial aka Music Video of Through My Window by TM.

Cant wait for the Full Length copy !! Login to the website for more details

In case you does not have a clue of what is happening now, here's the link of my previous post on Through My Window.
Now there's me and you, we are not alone. you and me , we are together now - Through My Window - Bunkface
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