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A Tribute To Gary Leon Robert (18 August 1987 - 2 August 2009)

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I'm sure many readers alike would had knew by now that our beloved dear son, brother, friend and hero, Gary Leon Robert had passed away. Yes, it was truly devastating for most of us to accept the fact that he had move a step further far far away from us and never ever turn back. God had definitely loved him more and must had had better plans for him up there in the Heavens, the land of no sorrows, no worries, no burdens and he will be living happily with His Creator and angels alike in peace and harmony.

I promised to myself not to shed a tear during any of Gary's wake service for the past 3 days but I just couldn't help it. Tears kept coming out from both eyes especially during worship and eulogy/testimony session on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. I just couldn't control myself. I was still hoping that the person resting inside his final room was not Gary and hoping I could give my self a slap that it was just a bad dream. Unfortunately, that did not come true for me. And I have to accept the fact that he will never talk to me, laugh and joke with me anymore.

Well, not gonna grief more about his loss but to look forward continuing our daily life as Gary doesnt want us to be sad over him forever right ? Just recall how happy and a joyful person he was to be with and hope it cures your sadness. So yah, here's my testimonial of you k,Gary bro?? I'm so sorry that I did not give my speech in any of those nights as I afraid I would blanked out emotionally the moment I got hold of the mic.

I had known Gary since Standard 3 where we were the school's prefect in SK Tmn Cuepacs and was in the same class since Standard 5 till Form 5 in SMK Perimbun and of course till now and FOREVER !! Its like almost 13 years we had known each other and still keep contact through calls and sms-es. He's definitely a friend, a brother everyone wished to have.

During our years of friendship, there were never a single dull and boring moment when he's around. We seldom fought with each other as we knew each other so well. Of course la, always sit together in the class,tuition and even school bus, if not nearby. We shared our problems together and tried to help each other to achieve better results academically. There's no doubt that he's the more motivated and better student. When you are sad and down, he tried to advice and motivate you positively to keep on going strong and when its quiet, he will somehow come out with jokes or any funny topics to keep the conversation going. And that's the vintage Gary.

I highly respected him as a person, a friend, a brother. I envy him because he was blessed with abundance of good things in and around him. He's so talented in everything he does, be it academically or sports. Oh ya, trust me,he's an all-rounder in those and always produce great results. He picked up and learned new things super fast till you have to play catch up with him. Truly, he set standards which were out of the world at times but he was so down to earth,unselfishly willing to teach and guide you until you get hold of that something. And not to mention, Gary was such a filial son and brother to the Robert family of Uncle Noel, Aunt Jenny, Sarah, and Farrah.

I'm so honoured to get to participate together with him, representing our school for competitions such as Mathematic Quiz, Chess and St.John Ambulance. His presence has shot up our morale and confidence as Gary was such a dependable person and gave your team the extra edge in competitions.

Bro, I still remember clearly that You and Me must one day visit Old Trafford together. Its our Theatre of Dreams !! I'm glad that you had fulfilled that..

Saw some comments and testimonials about him on the Net, some even does not know him or just met him once were so touched after getting to know about Gary's passing. Yes, Gary was always the conversation spark plug,the first to ignite the flame and break the ice to any strangers or unknown he stumbled upon regardless of race and age. His charm,his smile and politeness of him had left a great impression deeply into the hearts of many. Girls would fall for him at first sight and guys would want him as best friend. Parents would want him as a son too. Who doesn't isn't it ??

I guessed I'm gonna stop here, I cant continue typing as I'm still reminising the good ol' days we had together. Am walking up and down the house, still cluelessly figuring out and telling myself that you are no more here with us. My bad, I should stay calm and strong and accept the fact that I had lost my best friend, my brother. Dear Gary, I'm so so proud of you !!

Finally,I still remember this song "Im Yours" by Jason Mraz was repeatly played during his 21st birthday celebration last year. Im sure he would want to dedicate this song to you all. Cheer up and dont be too sad over him. So, sing along k ?? *pause mixpod on the right and press play on the video below*

Thank you for reading the 2 posts on Gary Leon Robert and was very supportive for his friends and family members throughout this tough time. If you have anything to say/comment/testimonial about Gary, just feel free to do so here k? Many many thanks on his friends and family's behalf. Take care and cherish the ones around you.

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::Michi:: said...

hi Lai.. just read your post. ALthough i know that you still miss him very very much, till i can feel it and its making me cry literally while writing you this note. I know what it feels like loosing a very close friend, someone you looked up to, you loved, someone that has inspired you, someone that you know from your soul and not just by appearance, someone that you have shared 13years of yor life being close with. You are definately gonna remember even more things as the days pass and his absence will hurt even more at these times. YEs, i know the hurt is real until you feel your heart aching literally. But i want to remind or enlighten you that.. this is not a loss ya. Nothing is lost throughout these 13 years. In fact, his whole life was yours and his family to gain. He lived out a great example for the world to see through his studies, relationships, frienship and as a son. and its definately your right to grieve now.. and its ok to cry as it shows that you're still human to get hurt.. But after sometime, i hope that by remembering his life, & how good God was to him to give him a full life, you will gain strength from this to move on with yours inspired by Gary's life.
i'm also sure that Gary will want you to be with him in heaven as well.. that's why i keep saying, and im sure a lot of your other friends have told you this truth, that you can have each other forever in heaven. I'm sure deep down in Gary's heart he had also hoped that by his own life, he can show you how good His Creator is, and one day you will accept His love and live forever in heaven with all of us! we all love you soo much kish.. you have no idea. and everyday, though i dont say it, i am praying that one day you will open up your heart to God, for Him to lead you into a wonderful adventure with Him, then a great life forever in heaven. We really love you too much to not have you there with us. i dont know how to say this to you in person, as i know i will surely breakdown halfway. so, here it is from the bottom of my heart. Me & Gish are here for you in this time of grieving ya. You are not alone =) love you bro!!

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