Monday, August 3, 2009

Have You Seen Gary Leon Robert ??

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*updated*Gary Leon Robert was last seen on the stretcher due to over exhaustion in the stadium being stretched to the medic camp . He fainted shortly after he ran the whole course 22km in the Adidas King of The Road 2009 @ Stadium Shah Alam on Sunday,2nd August and was caught missing mysteriously after 10am. A runner normally leaves his belongings (ID, handphone,wallets)in the deposit but he dint come to collect his belongings. Here are his infos

Age:- 22
Height:- 5' 10
Features:- Tan Skinned , Average Build
Ethinicity:- Chinese-Indian (Chindian)
Last seen wearing:- Adidas Orange Jersey No.793, White BUM Wristwatch, Umbro Short Pants, A pair of White Socks and White Sports Shoes.

Here's a video when he fainted, an anonymous chap recorded this.

Wanna know the latest news about him ? You can read more about Gary here as there's some articles of him in Malay Mail*right click on the link and open new tab from your internet browser*. And if you wanna read further, there's a new post of mine titled A Tribute to Gary Leon Robert. Thanks

Gary, My Best Friend, We Loved You So Much. You Are Such A Kind and Great Person I've Known For More Than Half of My Life !!

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Abril Chica said...


nurul ashikin said...

may rest in peace..

chocobi said...

oh god.
he's my housemate.
i can't believe it.
we hardly see each other as both were so busy with our own study and activities.

i can't believe it. right now, while i'm posting this comment, he's family and friend were searching his room.

may he rest in peace.

SoftBunny said...

gary has passed away as confirmed by his family members...

pacemaker17 said...

i was one of the three guys in the video attending to him before he was being strectched away..he was still okay's so fragile..

RIP Gary.

SBdude said...

OK, fella readers, my best friend had passed away..His dead body was found approx 1pm today(Sunday). I was at the scene and darn, I still couldn't take is too cruel at times..i really cant take it..RIP Gary..

Hadi said...

sorry for your lost. looks like a nice guy.

SBdude said...

its ok hadi..thanks for being so understanding..yeah, gary is a nice person to be with..but too bad, we had loss a gem.

Unknown said...

Gary was my neighbor.. I still remember him..we played football in front our terrace house bout 10 years, its funny coz we takut2 tersepak at Mr. Rajan's car..
To me, he is a tall, handsome, and very nice kid.. always down to earth.and always angkat tangan to me n say, hi abang..
even i dont know bout him very well, but, his, i admit, make me cry..Rest In Peace, Gary Leon Robert.

Unknown said...

My deepest and most sincere sympathies for the entire family of Gary Leon Robert. I feel an emptiness in my heart of knowing he is no longer with us but he will live in our hearts for eternity. Gary was an incredible human being, I will always remember his smile. I guess God needed another angel in heaven. May God Bless Gary and his family during this time of bereavement.

May He strengthen you daily,give you peace and joy as you remember your loved one. "Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Matthew 5:4
Praying for you.

curryegg said...

I was shocked as well knowing his death yesterday. Although I just met him once, I can feel his friendliness.

Do take good care too k-wei.
I can feel how you feel as his close friend.


yyambrone said...

May you rest in peace, Gary. You are the kind of a person I would like my young son to grow up with, to learn from, to emulate the qualities, the values, the standards you hold so high.You have achieved so much in your young life but yet, humble and staying true to yourself, your family and those around you. We will miss you and will talk about you for a long, long time to come.

purplexity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Syl said...

I read about this when it happened. Gary seemed like a nice guy - and from all the comments I have read, I am sure he was a nice guy and will be sorely missed by his frens and family. Such a loss.

Was there ever a final conclusion as to what had happened to him? Is really so sad ..

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