Monday, August 10, 2009

Justice For Gary Leon Robert

Posted on/at 12:18:00 AM by SBdude

Some of Gary Leon Robert's friend had created a website to gather more informations regarding on his sudden passing. As some or most of us who were present in the Stadium Shah Alam searched and found him last week, were still not convince that the cause was due to acute dehydration.

Well, I'm not gonna speculate further but still hoping that there should be at least a proper explaination for the friends and family from the you-know-who-they-are.

Rest In Peace, Gary Leon Robert

Do visit the site for detailed chronology of the whole incident and if you have any extra informations from elsewhere/other people,you too can write in to the website. They will really much appreciate your kind deeds.

Here's the website *right click on the link and open in new tab*

I'm writing this post to create awareness that there are such website to gather infos and find justice for Gary Leon Robert. Thank you !

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