Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Posted on/at 10:49:00 PM by SBdude

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EVo said...

Hey yo duuuude! thanks for dropping by the post on the bleeding billboard quite freaky eh. but if it works, it shows how a simple simulation can bring drivers to their senses. okay ma.

SBdude said...

yo bro..haha,simply drop ny..saw the post of lion..damn funny !!

yah man,dat billboard is quite useful la..maybe it could be better if we put Samy's face there.. at least can rip off his face when u x puas hati.. haha =)

EVo said...

HAHAHA samy? liddat i prefer to put khir toyo's face LOL

SBdude said...

oh yeah..good idea too since we cant see Samy's face at nite, Khir's one we can put in KL and Selangor areas la..more effective !! =0

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