Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How Megan Fox Landed Mikaela's Role ??

Posted on/at 10:40:00 PM by SBdude

When Michael Bay auditioned her for the first Transformers, he actually made her wash his Ferrari while he filmed the whole thing. Yup. She washed his car. His Ferrari. While HE FILMED HER !!. And that's how she got the role in Transformers. If you need anymore proof of just how perverted Hollywood is sometimes, look no further than Mr. Michael Bay. Oh, but it gets better ...

Apparently this video exists somewhere, though no one knows where it is. Oooo!!..But Megan says she doesn't know what happened to the footage. When interviewed Michael Bay himself,he said he didn't know what happened to it either. Me wonders whether there was something a little more ... hmmm ... erotic on that tape? Maybe it's stuck between the cushions of Bay's casting couch? What do you think? Damn !! for sure he is keeping the footage all to himself la..DENGZ !!

De-Ja-Vu ??

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