Monday, July 13, 2009

Satria Neo and MyVi got bombarded by Top Gear UK

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Top Gear UK as we already knew was one of the highly-rated car show on TV be it, in the UK or any part of the world. This scene below was taken from Episode 3 of the latest season. As usual, the 3 funny guys of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May test drove cars which are below 10k UK pound = RM60k namely the Perodua Myvi (da way Jeremy pronounced meh-vee,haha), Proton Satria Neo, and Chevy Aveo (May pronounced it as Er-veh-yo).
The saddening part of it was they totally condemned our national cars which in a way I think thats the fact !! Malaysia has been making crappy cars with super high price + low quality !! Plus we had to resort to paying super high taxes for owning foreign cars..WTH !! Imagine if that is lowered or abolished, we will be seeing more Honda, Toyota, Mercedes and BMW cars on the road or even owning one of those !! Take a look at the video !! Turn up the volume k ??
Either hate him or love him, Jeremy is telling the facts about cars. Its true that most of us cant afford super cars but we all here hope that any car manufacturer out there should be well aware of the current economic slump and try to produce more quality and value-added cars that don't burn holes in our pockets !! This is the message Im sending out to Proton and Perodua !!

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Josiah & Renae; said...

hi! dropped by.

omgosh i'm gonna buy a myvi soon. =.=

drop by my blog!

SBdude said...

oo..gonna buy MyVi ?? its a *ahem* good car actually but then after their comments you will start to think twice dy =)

had you considered driving Saga BLM ?? you get bigger boot,wider seating and definitely cheaper by a few Ks..Im driving one =)

Josiah & Renae; said...

serious? dint know that. haha.

btw. clicked on your lurve ads.

you won the smirnoff comp? if yes, congrats!

SBdude said...

yeah..its so much cooler especially in black =) mine is high spec only RM41k compared to Myvi's high spec is bout RM8k can buy lotsa stuffs=)

Thanks for the click !!

Yupz..I won the "special prize" !! =) but I bought the tickets during the pre-sale dy =) thought of selling the won tickets..

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