Friday, July 3, 2009

Sushi Zanmai, The Gazilionth Time !!

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SUSHI ZANMAI !! I think most of you here must have heard of this Japanese restaurant before right ?? If not mistaken, the first branch was opened same time with The Gardens about 2 years ago (correct me if I'm wrong)

Went there yesterday with mum,sis and my cousin who has just gotten back from UK. He's been longing to eat Jap food a long long time ago. He said that its super expensive to eat in London !! his wish was granted lolz. Brought him to The Garden's branch as he wants to grab something from Isetan.

Here's what we had ordered !! Sedap I tell ya !! (click to enlarge)

Starting the meal with a refreshing cup of ice-cold greentea - RM1 each refillable

Nothing to do while waiting =0

Tempura Udon - RM9

Soft Shell Crab Maki - RM6

UnaTamaDon( Unagi+Egg Rice ) RM13(promo)

Seasoned Seafood Platter (From left- seaweed,jelly-fish,scallop and baby octopus) RM6 each

Overall, everyone came out from the restaurant with filled-to-the-brim-stomach and happy face for the cashier.LOLZ But as you can see,its not that really that expensive huh ?? You had noodle and rice, seasoned seafood platter and refillable green tea !! I felt that Zanmai had beaten Sushi King by miles !! Thats why its worth visiting gazilion times !!

OMG, it seems that I have been blogging everything which are green in colour !! I really did not noticed it till going through those tags..From tennis to food..semua pun warna hijau..bukannyer aku suka sangat kat warna hijau pun, boleh tahan jer la =P

Soon Im gonna post "Eating Smart while Paying Less in Sushi Zanmai" Stay tune ya !!

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StevenBoy1986 said...

Wow... your picture really make me hungry... Let's go for Sushi~~~

SBdude said...

Haha,I also thougt of eating now must be real hungry !! thanks for the compliment btw =)

Pike-chan said...

Hmmm... not so good experience for me, and my colleagues and a handful of friends... maybe the OneUtama outlet was bad.

SBdude said...

yo tell da truth..1U's branch is the suckiest among all !! =) I'll explain later in my nx post..kesian u !!=)

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