Saturday, July 4, 2009

Michael Owen joins Man United !!

Posted on/at 11:11:00 AM by SBdude

Shocking shocking !! The new had just leaked out barely 2 days and he was already snapped up by <Man United>. Signed a two-year deal to join <Manchester United> on a free transfer from Newcastle United.

Definitely gonna be tons of negative comments about him and to the club for acquiring him due to his injury-prone nature. But see it in a positive point of view. He's English and had been playing alongside with Rooney. Had been scoring goals in critical moments with Real Madrid and Newcastle and not to mention how wonderful he is to see him score goals during his hey-days in <Liverpool>. I'm sure Sir Alex will have more options to play his strikers. Owen shud be able to compliment in that department =)

Cant wait for Man United to sign more players. Whether he is a top or unknown player, I dont really give a damn !! We should have faith in Sir Alex =)

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