Thursday, July 2, 2009

Free Lunch Buffet at Station 1 !!

Posted on/at 12:14:00 PM by SBdude

In conjuction with the re-opening of Station 1's branch of Bandar Puteri Puchong, they are giving away FREE LUNCH BUFFET to EVERYONE on Friday (3/7/09) from 12pm-3pm. As you had expected, its based on first come, first serve. So be there as early as possible to avoid getting hungry and miss your free lunch..Who says that "There Are No Such Thing As Free Lunch" ?? Neh, Station 1 is giving wat..Lolz..

More details below

Map to S1BPP..

And oh, the best thing is its HALAL !! Ini bermakna sesiapapun boleh masuk makan ngan tanpa was-was !! A truly "muhibbah" cafe =)

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Iriene said...

Hey, tks for sharing...
I will try to go there tomorrow.
Is it in a shop lot or in one of the super - hypermarket centre eg. IOI, Giant, Tesco. Near where, any idea?
Save some lunch money...hehehe, lol.
Do drop by when u r online, tks!

SBdude said...

Hi posting up da map here soon..check it out k ?? thanks !! =)

Iriene said...

Hi, so nice of u.
Got the map, tks a lot. See u there
and take care!

SBdude said...

Welcome sap sui la =) am not going there,sobz =( update me ya if you had gone for the buffet..hehe

Iriene said...

K-Wei, tks a lot!
We reached there around 12:38pm.
Hv lion dance and DJ asked Q&A then can get goodie bag - small tube of Nano cleanser, magazine and coffee voucher (with purchase of sandwich).
Nice food and they replenish till 3pm. Hv fried rice, fruits, sausages,
fried beehun, curry chicken, fishball,drinks (orange juice & ice lemon tea) etc. We left about 1:36pm.
Enjoy it very much & Big tks to you. :D

Iriene said...

oh yes, i had just nang "Shout 8TV" ads on ur blog...hope to click more for u in the future..take care!
Do keep in touch :D

SBdude said...

Hi Iriene..aiya,so many nice food and freebies!! missed it =(

You are very welcome !! Glad you enjoyed it and *ahem* found the place =)

Many many thanks too helping me to nang the ad !! Just keep in touch and do share some great stuffs that you had stumbled upon =) Keep in touch !!

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