Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I won Manchester United Live in KL tickets !!

Posted on/at 8:56:00 PM by SBdude

Many thanks to thaiboxingirl and Smirnoff for organizing the contest. I won a special prize from it lo.. but I got abit dissapointed cause I was hoping for at least a top three finish !! Busuk busuk pun dapat la satu jersey kan ?? haha =) well, congrats to the top 3 winners whom are quite famous bloggers and besties too lor of Horng @ Chronicles (1st prize), Mel @ Veracious, and KY @ KYspeaks. *Ahem, can spare me 1 invite to the party ar ?? haha,tak tau malu case =P*

Just collected the prizes this morning. Here are the pictures

2 x RM58 free-seating tickets and ManU-Smirnoff cap !! Ori merchandise kay ?? Chunted !!

Closer shot of the tix !!

Well, like what we always say, better to win something then nothing, right ?? So yah, Im actually quite happy and contented, seriously I dint ever thought of winning even the special prize. Last but not least..

I cant wait to watch Man United trash Malaysian XI again !!

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