Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CGI Megan Fox ??

Posted on/at 11:40:00 PM by SBdude

U thought that Megan Fox's sexy pose at the car engine bay was hot ?? Wait till you watch this

OMG,so her hotness was being modified by CGI !! no wonder la !! and its gonna be even hotter than the first Transformers movie..wootz !!

Like what you had seen ?? Those were jokes only for god sake !! Darn it,those fella are good in making us believe that it was real..I hope it was actually !!

3 Shot(s):

dreamydolls said...

ohh.. this is sooo coool... hahahahha

SBdude said...

hahaha..yeah la..they made it like so real..with commentary and music sumore =)

Boris said...

hahahaha XD

well it's the real deal! and she IS hot :p

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