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RM48 per night @ Resorts World Genting July & August 2012

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Resorts World Genting aka Genting Highlands 

What is the first place that comes into your mind when the weather in KL so so hot ? For me its definitely Genting Highlands, cause its just a 45mins drive away and super chilling up at the peak ! How to get to Genting Highlands ? According to the map below, all you need is to head to Karak Highway via MRR2, pay RM5 at the Gombak Toll Plaza and just follow the signboards accordingly.

Map to Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands is definitely the place to chill and relax. For the young and adventurous ones, they can play all day long at the indoor and outdoor theme parks. And the ones who wanna "make" some money, the casino is always there albeit you are a non-Muslim and already 21 years old and above. Genting Highlands is definitely the number one choice of highland holiday destination for the locals and foreigners.

Resorts World Genting Chill With A Deal Promo

For those who frequent or wanna plan a day or 2 trip up to Genting, you are in luck as Resorts World Genting is having this Chill With A Deal room promo whereby you only pay RM48 for a nite up there. So affordable right ! For more details, you can always check out their online booking site @

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