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Mr. Asahi Live In Malaysia 2012

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Asahi Super Dry - Karakuchi brewed, Japan's No.1 Beer !

Fans of Asahi Super Dry, the No.1 Japanese premium beer around the world will be ultra delighted as it is currently made available locally, brewed at the highest standard and quality by Carlsberg Malaysia in Shah Alam. Wanna attend the most awesome Asahi party together with a mysterious guest from Japan ? You will be rewarded with the details once you had religiously read through the whole post =P

Asahi Super Dry is available in different quantities.

Asahi Super Dry was introduced in 1987 as the world's first KARAKUCHI beer aka DRY beer; not bitter yet refreshing with a sophisticated aroma . Its unique, crisp and smooth "dry beer" taste is already making massive presence throughout 80 countries and this number is expected to grow ! To top it off, Asahi Super Dry won numerous awards along the years and the most recent one was the Champion Beer award in 2011 at the world's oldest beer competition.

Mr Asahi - Worlds First Robot Bartender Live in Malaysia !

Carlsberg Malaysia is bringing the world's first ultramodern robotic barman - Mr. Asahi to go on a nationwide tour along with a crew comprising dancers, DJ and a truck that unfolds into a mini party space. Mr. Asahi, the brainchild of a Japanese brewer is capable of serving up to 16 half pints a time so guests can continue to enjoy the refreshing taste of Asahi Super Dry minus the usual waiting time.

Mr. Asahi will be touring in major cities near you; Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Johor Bahru, Ipoh and Penang for 30 days beginning 15th April 2012. 

Wanna meet the mysterious guest from Japan, Mr. Asahi in person ? The 50 most creative entries in the form of videos / pictures will be given a pair of invites to be at the Mr. Asahi Get - Together event to witness Mr. Asahi , the World's 1st Robot Bartender

But that’s not it, the top 10 most creative entries will also stand a chance to win a pair of Monster Beats by Dr. Dre headphones at the event itself
All you need to do is record yourself doing a crazy robot dance move with a minimum duration of 10 seconds. 

Of course, they don't expect to see professional dance moves from you. You can simply submit a funny video of yourself in the most creative or outrageous costume you can of with a simple robotic dance move.

If you'are the type to easily freeze in front of the camera, fret not as you can still participate in the contest by submitting a photo of yourself doing a robotic pose.

Easy peasy rite ?

Once you are done with the video / picture, just follow these simple steps ahead :-
  1. LIKE the Asahi Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/AsahiMalaysia .
  2. Next, upload the video/photo titled “My Mr.Asahi Robot Dance” for videos or “My Mr.Asahi Robot Pose” for photos on your own Facebook timeline.
  3. Tag @AsahiMalaysia and @Nuffnang or @ChurpChurp accordingly so that they can track your entries.
  4. Contest period - 1st May to 31st May 2012.
This is my entry for the contest! I hope I can win some passes to meet Mr Asahi ! It’s a video of the hipster-futuristic-me doing a robotic dance.

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