Monday, April 2, 2012

I've Just Breached The Half Million Visitors Mark !

Posted on/at 10:48:00 AM by SBdude

Wuhoo ! Its close to 580k visits for on Google Analytics

This blog, Here & There, Everywhere =) @ had hit the half million unique visits mark ! After started blogging since late June 2009, this is like an achievement which I'm quite proud of :) 

I started out blogging with a few friends just for the sake of experimenting with keywords optimization to drive traffic to the blog. Along the way, I could see the traffic comes in via organic search on search engines and blog aggregators increasing on a daily basis which got me addicted to constantly improving it, you could say its like some sort of digital fetish lar..hehe.

Nuffnang's latest weekly traffic report for Here & There, Everywhere =)

Another reason I blog was because of Nuffnang. Thanks to the user friendly homepage and the ease to set up ad banners on the blog, having them to reward you is so easy. All I need to do is to compose interesting topics and maintaining or increasing the blog's traffic.

Once again, thanks for reading and continue to support this blog. I sincerely apologize if I have offended and disappointed anyone with my posts. Thank you and Terima Kasih.

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