Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The All New Proton Preve !

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The All New Proton Preve !

So, the mysterious Proton P3-21A was named the Proton Preve after months of speculation and not Proton Tuah as we first thought it would be. Nothing much to really talk about right now as Proton is still finalizing the details of the car but for sure, it comes an 1.6cc turbocharged engine that is able to produce 205Nm@2000rpm-4000rpm,138ps@5000rpm. Quite powerful I reckon. Price of the Proton Preve starts from RM65,500 for EXE Manual, RM 68,500 for EXE CVT and RM75,500 for the Premium CVT.

Pricelist and Specification of the new Proton Preve

So the new Proton Pre've is pronounced as Pre-veh..More details bout the car soon ! :)

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