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Maxis iPhone4S Launch @ KLCC, 15th Dec

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Maxis iPhone4S Launch @ KLCC, 15th Dec

I'm was jumping for joy when I heard that I got invited for the Maxis iPhone4S launch at KL Convention Centre (KLCC) on the 15th December. Million thanks to Maxis and Nuffnang for the invitation yah ! :)

Arrived on time as required and already saw a long queue formed up in front of me. OMG!! *faints* But thanks to the exclusive media pass, I was able to *ahem* skip the queue and was immediately ushered into Hall 2 for the official Press Conference.

Big shots of Maxis Berhad (L-R) - T.Kugan, Sandip Das and Fitri Abdullah.

At 845pm, Maxis Berhad's CEO, Mr. Sandip Das started the ball rolling by giving the welcome speech. One interesting quote from him was “Having an iPhone is one thing, but to experience it on Maxis is something else.” Which means that Maxis is still THE KING when it comes to offering top notch services and value for money packages of the Apple iPhone4S on its renowned network.

Mr. T.Kugan presenting the Maxis iPhone4S features reminiscing of the legendary Steve Jobs !!

T.Kugan, VP and Head of Products, Devices and Roaming proceed to present the new features of the iPhone4S and also introduced some innovative and exclusive Maxis iPhone apps that truly impressed the media representatives.

The press conference ended shortly after the Media Q&A and dinner was served !! While waiting for the official midnight launch, I've had managed to take some snapshots of the event.

Payment counters for the Maxis iPhone 4S

That's the iPhone 4S collection counters

Waves of eager iPhone4S fans waiting patiently in line for the official midnight launch

Mr. Sandip Das posing with the media & photographers !

Host of the night, Henry Golding counting down the last 1 minute of the Maxis iPhone 4S launch !

The first 40 rushed in for the iPhone 4S & were greeted by the big shots of Maxis Berhad !!

The 1st person to own the Maxis iPhone 4S - Leonard had queued for about 12 hours on that day and he truly deserved it.

The night was still young after the official launch and we were invited for live performances and free flow of drinks at the VIP Party hall courtesy of Maxis.

The BEST iPhone 4S experience with Maxis - Network, Apps and Plan!!

Maxis now officially brings the eagerly anticipated iPhone 4S to customers with new iValue plans with the highest combined mobile & WiFi data of up to 11GB and also the exclusive Maxis application - Maxis Customer Service which is the first telco customer service app available in Malaysia whereby Maxis users can easily access their account and bill information.

The iPhone 4S now comes built-in with a powerful dual core A5 chip, new optics and 8MP camera and also the iCloud, iOS5 and SIRI !! More info on the most affordable Maxis iPhone4S packages @

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