Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Maxis 1 Blackberry Tablet + 1 Blackberry Smartphone Promo - Nov 2011

Posted on/at 11:47:00 PM by SBdude

Was flipping through today's newspaper and saw this Maxis ad on get 2 Blackberry devices for one low price promo. The catch is you have to purchase a Blackberry Playbook 16GB and choose another Blackberry smartphone to qualify for the promo. Plus you have to sign up for a 24 months BIS90 plan under the Maxis package. Below are the "combinations" for you to choose.

Pearl 9105 + 16GB PlayBook – RM1,030 (RM43/mth*)
Torch 9810 + 16GB PlayBook = RM2,260 (RM94/mth*)
Torch 9800 + 16GB PlayBook = RM1,930 (RM80/mth*)
Bold 9900 + 16GB PlayBook = RM2,380 (RM99/mth*)
Bold 9780 + 16GB PlayBook = RM1,730 (RM72/mth*)

*24mths 0% EPP with MayBank
*12mths 0% EPP with Maybank, Public Bank,Citibank,HSBC

*Upgrade to 32GB PlayBook by topping up RM260 and 64GB PlayBook by topping up RM560.

Well of course, the promo that Maxis are currently offering is way much better than that of Brightstar's.The million dollar question is, if you are a fanatic Blackberry user, will you jump to the Playbook bandwagon and upgrade you current Blackberry model judging from the attractive pricing or would you prefer the Android / IOS based tablets ?

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