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iPhone 4S Malaysian Launch By 3rd Week December 2011?

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iPhone 4S Malaysian Launch By 3rd Week December 2011?

I think the rumors are true for those who are wondering when is Apple launching their fifth smartphone, iPhone 4S in Malaysia ? Well, heard from an insider that Apple is launching it by 3rd week of December 2011 and not  late November through Maxis, DiGi, and Celcom.

We all know that Maxis has no more iPhone 4 in their stores. Celcom and DiGi still have some numbers of iPhone 4 left in their inventory which explains why Apply decides to delay the launch as in return they might have to sell the remaining stocks at a lower profit margin.

Another reason could be the stocks shortage of iPhone 4S around the world which I will definitely buy that excuse as the smartphone is the last revolutionary product launched just before the death of Steve Jobs.

But before it is launched, here is the estimated iPhone 4S retail pricing in Malaysia and of course it will be much lower if you subscribe through the Maxis, Celcom and DiGi's iPhone 4S packages.

iPhone 4S 16GB- RM2200
iPhone 4S 32GB- RM2600
iPhone 4S 64GB- RM2900

Start saving your money for the new Apple iPhone 4S before the official launch in Malaysia !! I think it will be one of the greatest Christmas gift ever especially when it comes with iPhone personal PA - SIRI !! =) Have fun and I will keep you up to date on the iPhone 4S official launch in Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

Awaiting the great news on Malaysia iPhone 4S launch !!

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