Thursday, September 1, 2011

S'porean Blogger Peggy Heng In Fake Oral Sex Video Backlash

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S'porean Blogger Peggy Heng In Fake Oral Sex Video Backlash

Singaporean model cum blogger, Peggy Heng, the author behind Thy-Dowager site was embroiled in a backlash from netizens for appearing in a tacky, tasteless yet misleading fake oral sex video. The video was uploaded by her buddy Greendude 2809 on Monday. Peggy Heng enters the room, kneel and trying to unzip his pants. But it was stopped abruptly and she uttered “But this is not the way to solve relationship problems.”

Peggy Heng's Publicity Stunt Gone Wrong In Fake Sex Video

Before you continue to bombard her, Peggy Heng's intention was to grab the attention of the public especially the teenangers and young adults to attend a dating event, GREENLIGHT at Butter Factory on the 28th September. The campaign is targeted at Singapore's 2 key social issues - cheating partners and the rise of singles.

And of course you can watch the video of Thy-Dowager aka Peggy Heng in "action" here. Ok wat ! No big deal ! Why people making a fuss out of this..

Anyways, you too can follow her blog @ Bump up some traffic for the blogger. Hopefully your event goes well as planned la yah..

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