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Zen @ Sunway Pyramid. A Must Try Japanese Buffet !!

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Zen @ Sunway Pyramid. A Must Try Japanese Buffet !!

What's the best and affordable Japanese buffet in KL or Malaysia ? This question always popped out by food-hunters alike. Have you tried the ever famous Jogoya @ Starhill or even Tenji @ Solaris ? If no, then may moi suggest you this place, Zen @ Sunway Pyramid. Situated just on top of Kim Gary , right opposite of Zanmai. *warning - yummy-licious images ahead*

I guess this plate of awesomely fresh sashimi cutlets from Zen worth more than RM63 !!

For RM63 per person, you can eat as much as you want. Mind you, if you were to eat ala-carte style, the bill could rise as high as RM100 per person judging from the menu's pricing. All you have to do is order through the waiter, pick the dishes and amount of sets you want. Sit back and relax, and voila !! The food is served in front of you.

Nice cold green tea soba from Zen @ Sunway Pyramid

You can choose from variety of sashimi and sushi till the never ending list of tempura, bbq skewers, noodles and rice and also not to mention, DESSERT !! I will elaborate further later but it has something to with GREEN in color ! *winks*

Started off with appertizers such as your usual seasoned idako (baby octopus), jellyfish, scallop and mini squids from Zen @ Sunway Pyramid.

Unaqi by Zen @ Sunway Pyramid is the bomb !! 

A must try Scallop sushi in 2 versions - boiled and raw !!

End the day with GREEN TEA ICE CREAM that I mentioned earlier. I whacked like 8 cups of it !! 

Seriously, if you had 10 cups of it, you had already covered the cost as per cup is RM6 on a normal day !! All in all, the Japanese Buffet lunch at Zen, Sunway Pyramid was truly satisfying and worth the money. The ambience was awesome and truly a place worth recommending !!

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Details and Contacts of Zen @ Sunway Pyramid for reservations.
Outlet Name : Zen-Japanese
Lot No. : OB2.F.U2
Contact No. : 603-74924922
Fax No. : 603-80248020

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