Saturday, November 6, 2010

YES - The Fastest 4G Mobile Internet With Voice Launching 19 Nov !!

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YES by YTL - The Fastest 4G Mobile Internet With Voice Launching 19 Nov !!

Was walking around Bukit Bintang area yesterday, namely Pavilion for the Quiksilver Roxy and Paul Frnak's Annual Friends and Family Sales and Farenheit 88 to check out Uniqlo. Passed by LOT 10 and something amazed me when I saw a Transformer-ish "The Cube" in front of the complex. It was promoting YES - YTL's latest and revolutionary 4G Mobile Internet with Voice !!

I've have a heard about it since couple years back when they signed a MoU with TMNet and now the whole concept is all but up and running. YES by YTL Communications is the future of communication with the concept of convergence and seamless connections between your mobile devices.

The YES 4G Stormtroopers doing the Nobody But You dance. Damn funneh can !!

Up to 5x faster than the conventional 3G, YES 4G enables you to check your emails, blog, and social networking faster and in a more stable manner. And oh, did I mention that you can stream HD videos from Johor to Penang without losing any signals in between ? How cool is that !!

What's the speed offered and how fast ? Well, an insider told me that YES 4G is offering download speed as high as 7Mbps. You can actually download a Full HD Movie worth 6GB in about 3 hours !! Imagine you start your journey from KL to Muar, the moment you reach your destination, you can already watch that video !!

Go pre-book your YES 018 number !

What the price and package of YES 4G ? Will definitely be more affordable than what the yellow, green and purple (direct competitor) camps are offering currently. *winks* I can foresee though competition till year end but who cares cause I personally think YES 4G will pawn them all !! What say you ?
Amazing things happen when you say YES to YES 4G by YTL Communications !!

All we have to do is wait till the YES 4G launch 19th Nov and expect lotsa activities at Lot 10 during that day !! Those who are interested can pre book your YES 4G 018 number . Will update more on this space later..

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