Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Maxis iPhone 4G Launch in The Gardens Ballroom !!

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Maxis iPhone 4 Launch in The Gardens Hotel Ballroom !!

Are you feeling excited already ? Yups, the wait is finally over as Maxis is throwing a pre-launch event in The Gardens Hotel Ballroom for you Apple iPhone 4 lovers !! When is the launch? Well, it is on the 24th September 2010 but if you rsvp here, you might still get a chance to join the pre-launch party !!

Maxis iPhone 4 rates and call plans

Maxis has also anounced the new rates for the latest Iphone 4G and as expected it was cheaper and more affordable than the iPhone 3GS !! Cant wait to lay your hand o this baby ? You can log into the Maxis website for more details

And oh, dont forget that DiGi is also joining the fray to launch the iPhone 4 simultaneously on the same day !! But too bad, they are still keeping the rates in the bag..

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