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Toby Chan 陳庭欣 Is The New Miss Hong Kong 2010 !!

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Toby Chan 陳庭欣 Is The New Miss Hong Kong 2010 !! 

陳庭欣 Toby Chan, 22 years old won the title of Miss Hong Kong 2010 at the finale that was held on Sunday.

Standing at 5'7", 陳庭欣 Toby Chan is representing Hong Kong in the upcoming Miss World 2010 and Miss Chinese International 2011 contest.
Sammi Cheung, Toby Chan and Lisa Ch'ng

The first runner-up is Sammi Cheung, a 5' 5.5" 22-year-old. Sammi will compete at the Miss International 2010. Meanwhile, the second runner-up title went to Lisa Ch'ng, a 23-year-old who stands at 5'8".

Profile of Toby Chan
NO. 13: 陳庭欣 Toby Chan
暱稱: Toby
出生日期: 1987-08-27
出生地點: 香港
身高: 170 cm
體重: 47 kg
職業: 人事顧問
學歷: 大學畢業
國籍: 中國
籍貫: 順德
家庭成員: 父母
星座: 處女座
生肖: 兔
性格: Outgoing, Talkative (外向、健談

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