Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sharon BeerBeary Teaches How To Freeze Beer In Seconds !!

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Sharon BeerBeary Teaches How To Freeze Beer In Seconds !!

Was going through some YouTube channels and saw something which caught my eyes. I found this video of Beer Magic! How to freeze a beer in seconds!!! uploaded by beerbeary aka Sharon Beh.
Beerbeary aka Sharon Beh

What was fun to watch is of course to drool over a hot babe  get surprised by how she freezes a bottle of Jaz Beer in seconds. damn awesome right ?  FYI, Sharon Beh is a prominent figure in the local modelling scene,you can see her at tons of major events.
Expect cute expressions of Sharon Beh in all her videos =)

I found the video was really original from the way she narrated it with her cute expression. Also not to mention the Chinglish used which is truly KL slang yo !! Talking bout Canto and English mixed to the max !! Well done, Sharon...

How she freezes a bottle of beer in seconds ? Really no joke wei !! How she does that ? I guess you really have to watch the video below.

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