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The Opera Club Sunway Getting Sexy and Kinky-er

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The Opera Club Sunway Getting Sexy and Kinky-er, Latest Attractions

The Opera at Sunway Pyramid, modeled after opera houses across Europe, offers a clubbing experience fuelled with sexy acrobatic and dance performances. Haven't been there since its opening launch and I guessed things are getting better for them  now. They are now offering a variety of sexy themes.

They include Kinky Boudour on Wednesday nights, Cleopatra on Thursdays, Moulin Rouge on Friday nights, and Twilight on Saturday nights.

Kinky Boudoir features cheeky performances such as the Office Chair Dance, Bondage Rope Frolla, Whip Prance and the Aerial Cocoon Act. Cleopatra promises a night with Fire Dance, the Cleopatra and Slave show, Aeriel Fire performances and Snake Charmer Stunts.

Moulin Rouge brings burlesque to the scene with a Feather Dance, Aerial Hammack, Gypsy Tango, Burlesque Hoop, Moulin Rouge Dance, and the Aerial Fabric. And lastly, Twilight thriller on Saturday night with a Werewolf Slave Show, Catwoman Hoop Shimmy and Vampire Fabric Stunt.

Hopefully with these exciting themes more clubbers are flocking back to Sunway once again to bring back the glorified clubbing scene days.

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