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FIFA Bans Dutch Babes Orange Mini-dress from World Cup 2010

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FIFA Bans Dutch Babes Orange Mini-dress from World Cup 2010

Little-known Bavaria beer of Holland has its name skyrocketed because thanks to 30 young blonde fans attending football match at Soccer City stadium wearing skimpy dresses in the country's national colour and a symbol of a beer advertising campaign back home.

Fifa Bans Oranje Skimpy Mini Skirt Dress to World Cup matches

As well as routine security and ticketing duties, the FiFa World Cup 2010 authorities will have to make sure that any mini-skirted girl that happens to walk through the turnstiles is not a walking advertisement for a brand not affiliated to the event.

Oranje Bavaria Beer Girls In Action !!

Fifa ordered the girls, which it first described as a group of students from the same sorority, to be removed because they wanted to protect the official beer sponsor Budweiser of this World Cup.

Does this outfit by Bavaria Beer deemed indecent ?

Dutch fans are famed for their outlandish orange outfits but the group of women seated together, clapping and swaying in unison, and wearing the dress produced by brewer Bavaria caught the eye of experts on the look out for such campaigns.

Meanwhile, there are already five thousand orange mini-dresses were sold over the Internet.

Lawyers of FIFA will investigate whether the orange dresses that the group of Dutch women wore during the World Cup match against Denmark and Netherlands was a ambush marketing scam of brewer Bavaria.

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